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Chat Question #3
Who is your favorite WNBA player?

Three Faves
I have three favorite players actually. My first one is Cynthia Cooper even though she is retired she still has game. I love the way she takes it to the hole and hers is the number i wear on my team. Then Chamique Holdsclaw. I love the Tenn. lady vols and i've read Meek's book. She is a nice person and a great athlete and she brought the Tenn. lady vols to 3 championships. Finally i like Ticha Penichero her passing skills are awesome and really inspire me. I still remember watching her throw a no look behind the back pass and I'll never forget that.
Jessika Tate
Liberty, Tx. (near Houston) Comet Country... Go Comets!!!!!

Go Erin!
My favorite WNBA player is Erin Buescher! She has it all....she has the game on and off the court. From all the articles that I read, she seems to really have her head on straight and is a good solid Christian. I think that there needs to be more role models like Erin Buescher! She rocks!! Eric Pangburn
Grayson, Kentucky

Another Cooper Fan!
My favorite player/coach is Cynthia Cooper of Houston Comets. (Now coach of Phonix Mercuary.) Because she is a good role model for kids. She also is the BEST! I wish she still played! At least she still is a WNBA coach!

100 Percent On and Off
Teresa Weatherspoon is, always has, and always will be my favorite baller chic'. Teresa is just awesome. She is exciting to watch and in person she is so nice you just want to pack her up and take her home with you. I give props to all the baller ladies that go out there, lace up their shoes, wrap their ankles and knees, and like Teresa, throw that pretty hair back in braids and HANDLE THEIR BUSINESS on the court. Even though the women are not making the money they deserve nor getting the respect they deserve as far as endorsements and things like that I can truly say that I respect those that still don't let that be a reason to stop helping out, talking to kids, and being role models. Teresa gives 100% on the court all the time, and still has time to spend countless hours, days, and time going from school to school, function to function, benefit to benefit. Though it is not broadcasted on the news, trust me her true fans see it and realize it. I know I do!! For that Teresa will always be my favorite.

Jackie for Halloween
Jackie Stiles is my favorite player. Jackie was not born good, she practices. Jackie's Dad asked her, "Do have anything to do besides play basketball?" In high school Jackie shot 1000 shots a day. I saw Jackie play in college in the sweet 16 and elite 8 in Spokane Wash. It was amazing how much better she was than the other players, and the other players were realy good.I saw Jackie get the college scoring record. Jackie is so cool. I'm being her for Halloween this year.
Katie Mason
Cheney, Wash.

Becky & KT
My favorite WNBA playas are Katie Douglas of the Orlando Miracle and Becky Hammon of the New York Liberty. I love KT becuz she is a tru solja. The girl is one of the most versatile ballas in the game today. She had madd game. She is really my hero and inspiration because of what she's been through in her personal life. Becky Hammon is short and had madd skillz. Tha girl got flash and flare. She is one of the most exciting ballas in the world. She's may not have height, but she's got a whole lotta heart. Becky and Kt are incredible.

Charlotte's Charlotte
Charlotte Smith of the Charlotte Sting is my favorite player. Since she joined the Sting, she has been an absolute role model to everyone she meets, kids and adults alike. Charlotte is always quick to remind you that all she has accomplished has been done through her faith in God. As we are close friends, I am somewhat biased, but she has taken my daughter under her wing like a little sister and that has been very encouraging. If you get the chance to meet and talk with her, do it, you will always be made to feel very special.
Alan & Whitney Rybczyk
Gastonia NC

Seeing Tspoon Live
I love Teresa Weatherspoon. I didn't start watching the WNBA until late in 98 and the first game I saw was a New York game on T.V. TSpoon caught my eye. Then I had the opportunity to see her play for the first time when she came to Sacramento. I was so amazed to see how short she really was in person and through the game we were calling her "Lil Bit" respectfully. It was so cool to see her on the court with all that energy and intensity. She is a very cool person. She even heard me screaming "Go TSpoon" and she looked up at me and waved to me. I think she is a great player and a BIGTIME role model for everyone. If she ever left the game she will be missed and I hope that day doesn't come. I will always be a huge TSpoon fan. I hope she gets a ring one day. She deserves it. The whole Liberty team does. I love Teresa.

Playing with Heart & Soul
No doubt about it, my favorite WNBA player would have to be Teresa Weatherspoon. She brings so much intesty to the game and is a pleasure to watch . She always seems to play with her heart and soul . She also looks to be the one most down to earth -- i don't think she is afraid to be herself. I think the NBA players could learn a thing or two by watching he. She will contuine to go far and i wish the best for her. Go T-spoon, show them how it's done.
Chakhia from New Jersey

ND to Miami
Ruth Riley kicks butt on the court hands down! She took her team to the championship and won it for them. Now she's taking Miami to the playoffs her first year. She's a very sweet, down to earth person who cares about her fans. And she's just plain AWESOME!*!*
*00* BabyRiley***40*
**Notre Dame Rocks**!*
Jennifer- Las Vegas, NV
"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it."

From Australia
My favourite WNBA player would have to be Michelle Timms. Hey maybe i'm just being bias cuz she's an Aussie and so am i, but even in Australian Women's Basketball she ripped it up, and now she's retired from the bodysuit and hittin' it big time in America.
Go Timmsy!!! U Rock!!!
Melissa from Wollongong Australia

'Mique Fan
My favorite player is Chamique Holdslcaw. I have read her autobiography, and she is an awesome person. On and outside of the court she has a humble and caring personality. What more can you ask of a bball player. With all the publicity she gets she doesn't even have a big head.

Three Faves
There are three players that I admire the most in the WNBA. Lisa Leslie, Teresa Weatherspoon, and my favorite player Ms. Jordan (of course it's Sheryl Swoopes). Teresa Weatherspoon used to be my favorite player, I watched highlights of her 3 point buzzer beater in game 2 of the 1999 WNBA Finals I don't know how many times. I just love the intensity which she brings to the game of basketball, but its just something about winners that I love -- not to say that she's not.

Although Lisa Leslie and the Sparks haven't won a WNBA Championship, they are on their way to one, but I'm still pulling for Houston because of Tina Thompson. Lisa Leslie is the best center in the game, and I like her attitude on the court and her versatility.

Last but definitely not least, the greatest player (so far -- that is of course until I come along!) to play in the WNBA Sheryl Swoopes. I just love watching Sheryl Swoopes whether its playing on the court, or unfortunately, having to watch her cheer on the sidelines. She is just the complete package, she can shoot, play outstanding defense, and brings her own style to the game. Which are all the things I hope to be able to continue to bring to the game, but at a higher level when I join the WNBA. I hope to become the second female athlete to have a shoe named after me, but only if its Nike, or hopefully Jordan. As someone else said on this website, I would do anything in the world to meet the best female player in the WNBA, and the greatest player of all time.

Another Swoopes Fan

Hey for Hammon
My fave playa in the WNBA by far is Becky Hammon! She is such an awesome asset to the Liberty and she has skills! Even tho she doesn't start this year she is an awesome spark off the bench! She is such an inspiration to me and to others by how she plays and just how she acts! She's so down to earth! She's so dedicated to what she does! She definately gives it her all! Any team would do awesome with Becky on their team!
Erica #25

Looking Up to Leslie
My name is Briana Rose, I live in Melbourne, FL. I am a junior varsity basketball player at Eau Gallie High school. My favorite basketball player is Lisa Leslie. She is my favorite player because she is very dominating and holds herself well, on and off the court. She is well rounded and supports woman's beast cancer research. I think that shows a lot about her. And I look up to her, not only because she is 6'5" and weighs 170, but because she is a lady and can play ball like no other.

Indiana Faithful
My favorite player is Stephanie McCarty. Stephanie has all around game -- she can do anything!! I first saw her when she was Indiana Miss basketball, and i watched her though Purdue and know she's with the Indiana Fever.
Laura Copeland
Lady Cougar #22
Greenfield, IN

Another Vote for T'Spoon
teresa weatherspoon is one of the greatest players of the game. she genuinely loves the game because she has spent a lifetime being involved one way or another. she is so dedicated. i love the sport but i dont have her enthusiasm and gift of willing to work hard at achieving the best in the sport she so dearly loves. but i cant give up. when i see her out on the court it inspires me to continue and do the best that i can. teresa gets my vote every time.

A Fan of Riley
My favorite WNBA player has to be Ruth Riley. I was so glad to see that she lead her Notre Dame team to victory in the NCAA finals. Her dedication to her team and the game is inspiring to me and she is a good person too. She is a good player in all aspects of the game with an awesome shot and unforgiving defense. She's a showable rookie and all around leader. GO NOTRE DAME!
Rachel Gonzalez
Lady Roughrider # 51
Munster, IN

List of Nine
My favorite players in the WNBA are:
Kristin Folkl- Portland Fire
Katie Smith- Minnesota Lynx
Maylana Martin- MN Lynx
Erin Buescher- MN Lynx
Svetlana Abrosimova- MN Lynx
Jackie Stiles- Portland Fire
Katie Douglas- Orlando Miracle
Becky Hammon- New York Liberty
Tari Phillips- New York Liberty
A bunch of unlikely heroes I know but I look up to all of them and I am glad to be able to watch them compete when some didn't think they could.

My Top Players
My favorite players would have to be Lisa Leslie of the Sparks, Teresa Whetherspoon a.k.a. T'spoon of the Liberty, Janeth Arcain of the Comets, Becky Hammon of the Liberty, Ruthie Bolton-Holifield of the Monarchs, Jackie Stiles of the Fire, Dawn Staley of the Sting, Cynthia Cooper, and Kim Perrot of the Comets. They all inspire me to become a basketball player. Especially Kim Perrot, who is no longer with us today (R.I.P.). She showed me that even though you may be a shorty it doesn't mean you're counted out. These players are all tough and talented. They show me that "Anything boys can do, we can do too!"
Jennifer # 33
Lady Lobos

All-Star Rookie
I think my favorite WNBA player would have to be the Portland Fire's Jackie Stiles. She is such a good shooter, and she also works hard on defense. I think she's got one heck of a future coming up for her. It's only her rookie year, and she's already averaging 20 points a game and was selected to play in the All-Star game.
Brittani Harr

Swooning for Swoopes
My favorite player in the WNBA is Sheryl Swoopes from the Houston Comets. Even though she has a torn ACL right now i think she will be able to come off of it and get back into the game! She is so good...She can get a rebound and throw the outlet pass out and run so fast and hustle she beats everyone down the floor and scores another lay up!!! I would do anything in the world to meet her!
Mackenzie Gray
Mt. Pleasant, PA

One of Toughest Players
My favorite player is New York Liberty guard Becky Hammon. She is only 5'6" and she is becoming one of the best players in the whole league. All of her life, people have told her that she couldn't do anything and she is proving everyone wrong. I think she is a great role model to look up to because she is so down to earth and friendly. She looks so innocent but she is one of the toughest players the Liberty can put out on the floor.
Amanda Lavin

Huskies in the WNBA
I have two favorite WNBA players. One of them is former UConn Huskie Shea Ralph. She is injured so has not yet played for the Utah Starzz, but i have been following her career since her senior year in high school. She's my fave becuz she is just so full of passion for the game and she loves the game so much. She risks her body in every game and in every practice. She has hard driving passion and such an intensity for the game. She has suffered 3 ACL tears and had 6 operations (3 knee and 3 ankle) and still gives everything in her rehab and comes back to be an even better player then she was!!

Not only is she one of the best players ever (my opinion), but she is an INCREDIBLE person off the court. I've had the privilege of meeting her and she is the nicest person I have ever met. She's always smiling and always seems to be happy. I admire her courage and what she has done for the women's game. I hope to be like her someday.

My other favorite WNBA player is Svetlana Abrosimova of the Minnesota Lynx. I've been following her career since her freshman year at UConn. Svetlana was arguably the best women's college basketball player in the 2000-2001 NCAA season. She is such an incredible player and puts everything into her game. She is also an incredible person off the court. I also had the privilege of meeting her, and she also was always smiling and always seems happy.
Kait # 32
Lady Wildcats
Prospect, CT

From Russia, With Sol
My favorite player is [Miami Sol forward] Elena Baranova. She plays the game the way I would like to play it. Strong inside but can step out and hit a three pointer.
Debbie from Greenbelt, MD

In our Hearts
Well, i would have to say my favorite wnba player would have to be kim perrot! She was such an awsome bball player. She reminds me a lot of myself, not that i am as good as her but how she would always drive it in! i love to drive into the line get fouled then basically get 2 free shots! Kim Perrot also seemed like she wasn't afraid of anyone. She would also do anything for the Comets just to make them win. I'll always remember you, kim. You're the best!
Erica Garcia #23

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