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Who inspires you to be the best you can be?

My Friends and Parents
My friends inspire me sooo much. Especially Erin, she is my best friend in the whole world and others too. But she really comes through a lot for me. When I am down at myself cuz of a bad game she picks me up again because she is my friend. She is in my grade and we are on the same team.(Go Trojans!) She is also my cousin. Anyways, she always will be my friend.

Also, I would have to say my parents! My dad is the varsity coach and I am in 8th grade and he really pushes me to work harder to get to play for him. He pays a lot of money for me for camps in the summer and for AAU! Thanx dad!!! Also, thanx Mom for always encouraging me!!

The people who have inspired me to be the best I can be are two of my teammates, Cara and Rachel. When I was feeling like I wasn't part of the team or I was playing bad they told me that I was all wrong and to believe in myself, because even if you sit the bench you're still contributing to the team. These two girls are just awesome and I love them!
Susan Servedio

Mom + Coaches = Success
The people who inspire me to "give it my all" are my mom and the two best and favorite coaches I have ever had. My mom inspres me, of course, because when I have had a bad game and am really upset about it she is the one always there to tell me how to improve on it and tell me all the good things that I did in the game. My mom goes to all my home games and when she is there sitting in the crowd I know that if I mess up on a shot or pass she'll always be there to tell me it's all right and next time i'll get it. When I hear her voice cheering me on from the stands it always makes me want to do better than what I can do and do better than the best one out there.

The other 2 people who inspire me are my coaches: Mrs. Herrera and Ms. Kalisky. Those two coaches give our team their all. They teach us the skill of the game and also make sure we are always on track when it comes to school. They inspire me to do the best because they won't yell and condemn me about a bad play, but they'll tell me what it is I have to do to make sure that that doesn't happen again. They just don't care about us if we are good athletes, they care about us as kids trying to make it. I know that no matter what, I can always go to one of them for anything. Those are the people who inspire me to do my best.
Lisa, San Antonio, TX

Parents, WNBA stars ... Myself
Lots of people inspire me. I guess I can start off by saying my family inspires me to be the best I can be and they do that by treating each one of us kids equally in both rewards and punishment. They encourage the good behavior, the good grades, the good actions and punish the bad ones.

Next is Sue Wicks, who went to Center Moriches High School and now plays with the New York Liberty in the WNBA. Sue's hometown is very close to mine and the hometown of Samantha Berdinka, an NCAAW player, so to see these greats coming out of such small communities inspires me.

Becky Hammon (New York Liberty) has inspired me to do my best, whether it be on the court or off. Although I don't play basketball or any school sports, Becky and the other women in the WNBA have inspired me to be a fan and stand up for what I think is right.

The younger children I help with and babysit for are another great inspiration. They've helped me in every way, from learning how to be a role model to teaching them how to be one.

Most importantly, I'm an inspiration to myself. I've taught myself things, such as how to make web pages from HTML to teaching myself how to play the tenor sax (overnight, may I add). So, to have someone say, "There's a dedicated student" definitely helps me. It helps me inspire myself more to do things like teach myself something new or to get better at something old.
New York... GO LIBERTY!

Notre Dame Guard
Niele Ivey inspires me the most, she's number one in my book. She's my ace in the place in the whole human race. I think she should be named most valuble player. I have never made a three before and just today I made one because she inspires me so much. NIELE IVEY FOREVER BABY!!!!

In the Genes
Wow! The person--I mean the persons--who inspire me are many, with my parents topping the list. My mom was a point guard in school, my dad was a forward, and then there is my Uncle Roger, who was a point guard. And then there was my grandfather--he was a point gaurd. That is the position that I play, and so with the talent in my family I get a lot of advice from the best of the best and I'm very lucky to have them as my teachers.
Thank you,
Whitney :o)

Being the best you can
There are so many people that inspire me before a game, at practice, or when I'm taking a foul shot that could change the whole game for our team. My favorite person who really inspires me when I'm having trouble with my shooting, dribbling, defense, etc., is Ana Prillaman, who is on the University of Virginia team. She grew up in Midlothian, VA (where I live) and went to the high school I will be going to (Midlothian High School). I mean, look at her--she is on one of the best college teams in the country and is a freshmen. She has an awesome game!

But, the person who really keeps me going though is someone who has been on my team since she was in the third grade and who has always been there for me in basketball and life. Her name is Whitney and she is one of the best 6th grade basketball players ever. She was on the Midlothian Middle basketball team, which by the way is very hard to make. She makes me feel so much better when I'm having an off game or practice. I hope that I will soon be as good as she is. Maybe when I get older I'll even get my dream of being on the University of Virginia team, but I will never forget my role models who have taught me a lot about the game of basketball.
Midlothian, VA

Looking Inside
I've always been that person who plays up. The girl who plays with the guys (mostly better than them). But when I see someone who is better (there always is) I try to get the skills that one individual has. I look at the great players like Michael Jordan and I say to myself, he wasn't always the best but he worked 10 times harder than the best person on the team and now he is the best the game has known. I look at coaches like Pat Summitt and just grin knowing how hard she makes her team work. I want a coach like her when I get into college. I want some coach to expect 10 times more from me than any starter. I look at people around me and work harder than them for my minutes in the game. That's my inspiration. Myself.
#3 Megan, TX

Lady Vols' Guard
April McDivitt inspires me because I know her as a person as well as a player. April is an awesome person on and off the court. She is also a WONDERFUL Christian. It is so overwhelming when someone that well-known comes up to you after a game and gives you hug and talks to you. She inspires me to keep going and to not give up. Thanks, April!!!!
Knoxville, Tennessee

Drake's Schmitz
What inspires me is something I don't even need to think twice about. I have wonderful parents who encourage, but they are not the ones to push me to do my best (even though sometimes they think they are). I have looked up to the Drake University starting point guard, Stephanie Schmitz. She is one of the smartest players. At a height of only 5'5" she can pull down more rebounds then players 6'0. She is aggressive and plays with heart the entire game. She is the heart and soul of this 2001 team, that I promise you will win the MVC. They are competing right now with Southwest Missouri State for first place. After watching her I also got to talk with her. We usually e-mail about twice a week and it provides great information and encouragement. Her helpfulness drives me with a reason to play, to attend college with a scholarship. As a freshman this year she has been tremendous help. I would like to thank her, she is a great person!

Senior Teammate
This is my Freshman year of high school, and I am playing JV--and Varsity. Our JV year has ended and now Varsity is on their way making it back to the state Final Four. I have always looked up to a senior, her name is Gina Bradshaw, she is the toughest girl on our team. I look up to her because she helps me out a lot. She is one of the best. She spends time with me and lets me know what I am doing wrong, and during our JV games when someone is shooting foul shots she is in the stands watching and she will come down on the 1 level, and tell me not to give up to keep my composure. Well after she does that then I am ready to go back again. Even though I don't play some Varsity games, I am willing to cheer on every one else, and get their motivation up. I will miss her next year for she will be going to Piedmont College to play basketball.

He Believes in Me
My Dad. He believes in me and never laughs when I mess up. I don't remember him ever missing one of my games. He is the one I can always hear when I steal the ball and I'm making a fast-break. He is always there for me and I love him.

Coach Beshara
The person who has inspired me most in my life, and still does, is my old 8th grade basketball coach, Mr. Beshara. I was always one of the "good" people on my team, because of my shooting ability and my mental quickness. I made up for my lack of speed with those two things. However, through Mr. Beshara, I learned that it is more important to believe in yourself and your teammates than to worry whether or not you are doing the right thing. He made me a better player, as well as a better person. His little obsession for motivational quotes wore off on me, and now I am the one collecting them. He also pushed me in a way to better my skills. Although I started my 8th grade year, he told me that I could very well play 9th grade basketball, and do an average job. But beyond that, he wasnt sure. On my 9th grade team I didn't play much, partly because my coach played the players she had coached at the public school, when I had went to the private school. However, before my sophomore year, I thought about all of the things that Mr. Beshara had taught me, and how I wanted to strive to be my best, to show him that I could learn, and become better. I am now proud to say that in my sophomore year I am a starter for the JV team, and I occasionally dress Varsity. I have always loved and had an intense passion for the game, but Mr. Beshara's insight, teaching, and wisdom made me realize that I was also playing for my life.

Role Model AND Hero
Zach Lawrence. I choose him because he is on an allstar championship team. I am missing my left arm and he is the one who encouraged me to live up to my dreams even though I have a disability. Zach plays for the Demands. He lives in Atwater, Ohio. He has always been my hero because he is my older brother. I also want to play basketball. You could say he is my role model.

Double Inspiration
The persons that inspire me most are my best friends, Vicky and Jenny Flores. They are identical twins that live in Fairfax, Virginia. We all play for Robinson Secondary School and we are on the Junior Varsity team. They are in love with basketball. Their rooms are covered with every player form the NBA to the WNBA. Together we must have played over one hundred games, not counting the ones that we play just for fun. They take the game to a higher level. They know that real inspiration comes from you. Words can't make you get that last point, that last rebound, or that last steal. They know that only you can do it and that you have to drive yourself to play to your potential. If I'm doing bad in a game they tell me to tell myself that I have to make five mistakes in this game and I usually totally forget that I ever made one mistake. They push me to play my best.

Varsity Players
The people that inspire me are my high school's girls' basketball players. They always practice hard and never give in at any point of a game situation. They belive in themselves and their coaches. Although there's one player that is just amazing. She's been on the varsity team since she was a freshmen in high school. Her name is Ana and you could say she plays like the Gods would. She never gives up and doesn't show any signs of intimidation under pressure. She also averages 20 points a game, many rebounds, steals and blocked shots. It's like she could stay and play forever without showing a sign of tiredness. She makes you powerful when you play beside her on the same team. I think she's the reason why I would love to play on the varsity squad.
Anthony, New Mexico

The people who inspires me the most are the people who come to watch me and nobody else. When that happens I know I have to play really well. A specific person that inspires me is Teresa Weatherspoon. She is one great basketball player and I would love to meet her, talk to her, and maybe even play her.

The High School Teams
What inspires me the most to play is the girls and guys on our high school baskteball teams. I love to go see them play, and it gives me great ideas. I watch them play, then I might go and try something really cool that I had just seen. I am in 7th grade right now, and when I get to Marcus (the high school) I can't wait to play for a team. Already, I know the coach of the girls' team because one of my dad's friend's daughter plays on the team, and she's good. Also, I know a few of my friends' older brothers that play on the guys' team, and they are really good. So--on second thought--what inspires me the most is seeing people that I know, that might be just a little bit older, play for their teams. Then maybe one day I could just play for that team myself!

A Special Coach
My inspiration is my special coach. His name is Mike Stone and he inspires me because he always tries his best to help me and my teammates. He's always there. I treat him as if he was my father. He is a very caring and understanding person. He knows everything of what it is to be a teenager. He spends his time with the teams he coaches at Hollywood High (he's the Head JV Coach and Assistant Varsity Coach). Then after school he always comes by Poinsettia Park to coach our team. He inspires everyone he knows. Trust me, if you were to meet him, he would inspire you. He knows everything about the love of the game!!!!
Kathy Serrano

Water Skiing Point Guard
The person who inspires me most is #23, Mandy Nightingale. She is the starting point guard at the University of Colorado and the #3 trick water skier in the world. How awesome is that?? Mandy is always there to talk to and always pushes you to do your best on and off the court!!
Boulder, Colorado

A Special Dad
My inspiration to do my best is my "Special Coach," my dad. He is always there for me to help practice and always encourages me to go out there and go farther then what is expected. I give in very easily at some things, but not basketball because i know that it means so much to my dad that I work hard and accomplish my basketball dreams. He helps coach my teams that I play for and before he did that, at halftime of every game, i would run across the court and over to the stands to talk to him so that he could tell me what i needed to do and what i have been doing well. Like most people, I don't improve by having people yell at me, which is the wierd thing about my dad--when I was at home and I did something bad he would yell at me but when I was on the court he seemed like a whole new person. He would be calm and help me understand what I was doing wrong. Without him i wouldn't even know how to play basketball. Without my Dad, I wouldn't be writing this note to you. Because of him, I am an accomplished teenage athlete.

Watching our High School Team
I think what inspires me the most to play ball is watching our high school team. I am in the 6th grade and helping as a manager for the high school team. I watch most of their practices and try some of the things they do. I can't do all of it, but I try. I know the coach real well and he helps too. I also go to lots of their games so I can see what they play like and how they handle some of the heat. They're really fun to watch and we sometimes share playing experiences on the bus.
Kelley Brees

Mom's Voice in the Crowd
Hello, my name is Chantelle Saunders and I play ball and I don't think about anything else but ball. I have a real passion for the sport and a real desire to be the best that I can be at it. So here I am writing to you about that one person who inspired me to be the best that I could be and that person is my MOM. She's loved me unconditionally and is always there for me, pushing me to do things beyond what I thought I could possibly do. She always has and still does tell me that I am capable of doing anything I want to do as long as I commit myself and put my whole heart into it. Although she doesn't like basketball that much she knows my desire for the game is deep and she comes out to my games whenever she can. That's what makes me feel really special--when she's sitting in the stands rooting for me. You can recognize her voice anywhere. She's a very beautiful person and I give thanks to the man above for giving me a mother so wonderful. She's a real inspiration to me by just being the person she is, which is warm, loving, and caring.

The Best Coach I Ever Had
My inspiration is my coach. Her name is Hazel Martinez and she is the best coach I have ever had. She is an awesome player herself, and I admire most about her that she never complains, even though her life is not the best. She donates all her time, strength, and effort to our travel team, Temecula Valley Lady Hoops. We have been together for 1 1/2 years, and the improvement in my game and in my teammates' games is amazing! Without Hazel, there is no way my teammates and I would have made it where we are now: 4 of us became freshman at Temecula Valley High School this year, and 2 of us made JV through stiff competition, with two making the freshman team. Also, 2 people that had played for Hazel before have made the high school teams, one on JV and one on VARSITY!!! And finally, one of our eighth grade players made the Nike top 100 list for America. Hazel is awesome and without her I would be nowhere!
Kelli Vaughan
Temecula, California

Inner Drive
I am a driven person. When I go down the court and 10 seconds are ticking down on the clock and my team is down by 2, I push myself. My legs are aching and I could pass out, but I push myself. Everyone who has told me that I can't do you, I do it to prove them wrong. I do it for my future. I want to make it to Tennessee and I will if I always have someone who tells me I can't do it. When everyone sees that I can do it, I will be the person who will always tell myself I could have been quicker, the pass could have been sharper, they shouldn't have gotten that shot, and I will always push for excellence because I love the game, it is my passion.
Minnetonka, Minnesota

My Best Friend
I am messaging to the response of "Who Inspires Me" on the Gball site. My best friend/boyfriend inspires me to do the best I can. He is a great inspiration. Just knowing that he is always here to make me do better encourages me. He tells me all the time that I can do this and that. I can play basketball VERY well. He teaches me and tells what I am doing wrong and helps me to fix it. He is a great role model. He is going to college and going to play college ball. He is getting a poem published in a book. He has plans for us. That is why he inspires me. Thank you.

Thanks Mom and Dad
I am inspired by God because he is the one who give my the ability to play basketball. I am also inspired by my parents because of all the trouble they go through to support me in basketball, whether it is financially or just being there to support me and comfort me.
Nikki Baker
Batesville, Arkansas

Following the Q
LaQuanda Barksdale #33 from the University of North Carolina inspires me the most. She inspires me to never give up and try my hardest no matter how bumpy the road is. Have you ever seen her play?? She is amazing! Making all those shots, top scorer, and getting all those rebounds. (UNC Coach) Sylvia Hatchell sure knows how to pick 'em!! GO Q!! She is my hero!!
every flower that blooms has to go through a lot of dirt to get there!!!:o)

The Mans
Throughout my basketball career, I've had many people come in and out and make a difference. But a few stand out. First off, God is my biggest inspiration, because He is the one who has given me these talents, and it's my job to use them to the best of my ability. My second inspiration would be my mom, and other women her age. They never had the opportunity to play basketball, or any other sport for that matter, and their fight to participate in athletics by passing Title IX is something that really motivates me to do my best, because I'm so lucky to even get the chance to play. And finally, my last motivation is my former basketball coaches, Mr. and Mrs. Mans. I met them during the summer after fifth grade, and over the years, they transformed me from a gawky long-legged girl without much talent, to a girl who knows what she's doing and makes an impact in every game. Not only were they my coaches, they were a second set of parents. They did everything for me--had me over to their house for dinner, took me places, just listened when I talked. Saying good-bye to them as coaches was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Thanks to them, I played varsity basketball as a freshman. I haven't forgotten anything they told me: "Keep your head up at all times...the world isn't going to end just because you lost a basketball game!!!" I just concluded my sophomore year, and continue to keep in touch with Mr. and Mrs. Mans. I can't imagine my life without them!!!
Lansing, Michigan

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