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What was the high point of your season this year?

A Championship First
In all my years of playing basketball for my school my team has never made it to the championship game, but this year we had two great coaches. One of them was my DAD. So this year the Lady Knights made it to the championship game. We had to play Westbank Cathedral, and although we lost the game it was the farthest we have ever made it. So I would have to say that was the high point of our season!!

Highest Point
I think my highest point was when Central Jr. High won the regionals. It was quite a thrill! I think it's good for everyone to get a good thriller in their sports career cause then they will love it and Always want to get to that goal. But I feel like that wasn't the happiest time in my Jr. High Career because my 8th grade yr I plan on going to STATE. GO PANTHERS!! Regional Champs 2000 -- soon to be State Champs 2001! Taylor Baucom

On to Richmond
Well, the season didn't start out too well. About two weeks before we had our first game, I sprained my ankle at practice. It was really great that we got a new coach this year, and we had been working really hard the whole summer, getting conditioned, and we got a senior player back that tore her ACL last year. But my injury really tore me up. Wanting to get back into the game, I asked my physical therapist (about 3 weeks later) if I could start playing again. He said it would be okay. So of course, I played and I was feeling pretty good. I was wearing a "rocketsoc," but during the game, I turned my ankle again and I was out of the game!! Ugh! Talk about bad luck! Anyway, a couple of weeks later, I was back in the game. This time I wore an "air cast" and I didn't turn it. Okay, anyway, the best part of the season was when we were playing the Regional Tournament, and if we won, we would get to go to it was a big game for us. Anyway, we played the McLean Co. Cougars, and I had 24 pts. It's my season high. Well, I am going to be a senior next year, so I hope I can top my high from this season!! Anyway, we won that game and the next game and we got to go to Richmond. It was totally awesome even though we lost our first game when we played there!! Peace out!! Basketball RULES!
Maria Roberts #14
Lady Raiders
Whitesville, KY

Post Benching
For a couple of games the coach was not putting me in a lot and I was really confused why. It also kinda made me mad because i knew I had the talent. So one game he put me in the 2nd quarter and we were behind. My determination to show my coach, parents, and teammates what I could do was overpowering. I got out there and dominated. I have never had a game like that. My game really came out that night. I played the rest of the game and had a total of 6 blocks and 21 points, which for right now is my all time high. But I plan on breaking that record this summer.

Reaching for 21
My highest point total of the season was 19. It was the best game of the year and the best game I ever played! My goal was to make 21 points but I guess I didn't make it to 21 but I tried! It was awesome!
Stevie Williams
15 yrs old
St. Paul, Minnesota

Half Court Buzzer Beater
It was tied, there was about 7 seconds left, it was their ball right under the basket. THEY SCORED A LAYUP. We kept our composure and called time out. There was 3 seconds left. We passed the ball to the point guard, it seemed like she took a million dribbles and I thought time would run out. But she took a few dribbles and shot the ball from half court. It was right on target went IN!!!!!!!!!!! Then the buzzer sounded. We won by one point! Everyone ran on to the court and everyone was screaming!
P.S. That was the championship game and WE WON IT!!!!! WE GOT THE GOLD!

Beating Them Finally!!!!
Last year, a league team beat us all three times incluing the FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! Our team was soooo mad so we decided we weren't going to give up cuz we really work together as a team. So this year, in 8th grade, we really were awesome!! We BEAT them two times but in the championship we ended up losing ... but we were sooo happy we beat them two times!!!

New Girl Makes Good
I would have to say that the best part of the year was when Emily, a girl that just started playing basketball, had just gotten a steal from the other team and we were all cheering until the ref had blown the whistle and everyone had asked what had happened. The ref told us that you can't run down the court with the ball, you must dribble it. Everyone that was at the game started laughing and so did Emily. I would have to say that that was the best moment of the year.
7th grade basketball

A 2-Point Win
I have 2 favorites. First was the first game we had a teammate back from an injury. The team we were playing had beaten us twice before and we were out to get them. It was a close game but we won by 2! The 2nd happened after the season was over. There was supposed to be an alumni game and one of the girls didn't show up. The other 4 girls were all college players and I'm just in the 9th grade, But they got me to play with them. They were so nice to me and I held my own in the game and had a blast!

From Worst to Best
Ok. In the beginning of the season we were the worst team in the league. Then we started getting really good. Our team is in the CYO league, so we won the diocesan tournament. Then we went to the New Englands. Now these are the best teams from all New England. The first team we played we won by 8 pts. Next game we won by 2 pts. WOW! We were in the championship. It was a REallY close, then AHHHH! WE WON!!!!!! It was soooooooo cool! Well that was the high point of the season. WE were soooooo happy!!!!!

First Assist
The best time of the season was when i got my first assist. I have a handicap, and i thought things were going to be difficult. They weren't! In one of the games before, I got a rebound. I was really excited. Sometimes at the half, I would shoot three's and make them, but never in the game.

Comeback Win
My favorite part of the season was when we (the Lady Panthers) played Greensboro Day Bengals and we came back from about 10 down to win the game and get to the championship round of the Little Four Tournament.
Toya A.
G'boro, NC

Sudden Death Win
It was March 10, 2001. We are not really a good team but we played a team that was just like us in every way. We knew it was going to be a close game. Last quarter we tied when the buzzer went off. We went into overtime. They tied at the buzzer. SUDDEN DEATH!!! Whoever scored first would win. Everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats. WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the first win a long time. We were soooo happy.

Last Game
The high point of my season was when we played our last basketball game of the season! The reason it was so much fun was because we had to go to Ackerman, Miss., and we live in Columbus, Miss, and that's a pretty long bus ride. On the way up there I felt like the team really got close! I played on the seventh and eighth grade team and for that game the ninth graders had to play with us and the boys were on the bus, too, so it was pretty crowded, but we had a blast! Well, to make it all better we won and after the game we were going out to eat but not everybody could go! The people who got to go had a blast and it wasn't as crowded on the bus! That night I made a lot of new friends who will stand by me no matter what!
Ninna Fitzgerald
Columbus, Miss.
seventh grade

Beating Scranton
This year, I was the manager of the Hazleton Area (Pa.) Lady Cougar basketball team. I will probably never get to play on varsity, but just being there for the road trips and other events is great. This year, we made it to our district playoffs. In the second round we were the 4th place team and we were going up against the 1st place team, Scranton. Well, we jumped to an 11-0 lead and never looked back. The boys varsity sat on the bleachers behing our bench, and with less than a minute left, they started chanting, "Overrated" because everyone, the newspapers, the other team, thought it would be an easy win for Scranton and the Lady Cougars' season would be over. Their best 3-point shooter shot an airball near the end and our boys didn't let it go unnoticed. We celebrated for a long time in the locker room, doing dances, singing songs around a certain theme. Our coach made me go get scissors from our trainer to cut apart his tie. It was the best part of the entire season, that one game- that perfect Ash Wednesday.
Vicky Fulk
Hazleton, PA

Just One Loss
I am 13 years old & i play basketball for a team called Lady Wildcats or Lady Cats for short! We had a great season this year! We are in 7th grade & this is our 1st year to play on a school team. At the end of the season we were 14-1! The 1 game we lost was early in the morning & we are not a morning team! We found that out soon enough. We had other early games that we almost lost but we would come back & win them! I started as the right wing or we called it the 2. I scored every game even if i only played 2 minutes. I was determined to score at least 2 points every game & i did! It was a great year but i wish we could play our 1 loss over. Beacuse i know we could beat them!!
-Heather, ALABAMA

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