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New Question!!!
What's the best piece of basketball advice you've gotten from a teammate or coach?

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Head to the Hoop
The best advice I ever got is to seal when you are on a fast break. This means that when you get past somebody and they are behind you, you need to go torward the hoop and not just go straight because if you do, it gives the defender time to recover and play good defense. I got his advice from an assistant coach at Air Force Academy, but my dad always reminds me.
Mikayla Reese
Colorado Springs, CO

Getting in the Game
Our team had really great potential one year but a lot of us just didn't have our heads in the game. We had some really good players but during practice we would talk and laugh. We had trouble focusing. Our coach would yell and make us run so much that for a while the sound of a whistle made us all cringe. One day we all decided that we were not going to run at all that day and so we went onto the court and kept our mouths shut. That day we had an awesome practice and when we were done our coach called a team meeting. He told us that he had known that physically we were excellent players but today we had showed him that we had it mentally, too. You have to want to play the game. You have to be in the game physically, mentally, and spiritually. In the game of basketball you have to be smart and play smart. Once we heard that and realized that we had accomplished more in that one practice than we had almost a quarter of the season, we all decided that we wanted it. That was the day we became real basketball players.

On the Ball
My team was having too many turnovers because we had very poor ball control. Our coach diagnosed our problem as lack of familiarity with the ball. We were 8th graders and for most of us this was the first time we had ever tried to play on a basketball team. Our coach told us to get a basketball of our own and take it with us everywhere we went. It seemed kind of crazy at first and we looked really stupid at times, but it worked!
Tanya Lovelace,
Atlanta, Georgia

Practical Advice
The best advice I got was "Practice doesn't make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect."
Ashley Stanley,
Cullman, Alabama

Wise Words
One day we had late practice and everyone was worn out, sweaty, hungry, and ready to go. It was a day where we did a million sprints and so many pushups, needless to say we were hurting! I cut to the lane and did a bad job of posting up (a guard!!) and my teammate said, "Get your butt down and work!" At first I thought, what a jerk to tell me to work harder when I'm so tired. But then I thought about it and it's so true! Now that's what I say when I get on the court!
Jackson, TN

All Out
My answer to that question would be my trainer told me before agreeing he would train me that I had to come out on the court with 100% every time -- spiritually, mentally, and physically. So even when I am not up for an hour and a half practice, and then have to see my trainer for another hour later, knowing I have 3 hours worth of homework, I know that I have to get my attitude, and mentality in the game as if I am playing the best team out there. I love the sport so much that I have only had to do this once. So he is my inspiration, and he always says vision, power, and speed is the most important part of the game. Not if I am the best on the team, or anything else. Always be a team player.
Thomasville, NC

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Who is your favorite WNBA player?

Sure of Sheila
My idol and favorite WNBA player is Sheila Johnson. She may be short like me, but that girl got game.
Miracle Robinson
Los Angeles, California

Believing in Becky
B-HAMMON! My favorite player is Becky Hammon. She can do everything from knocking-down shots to scoring in the lane. She can dish of no-looks and hit big shots in a game! People underestimated her in the beginning, because she was too "short" to play but now she has worked her way through all that and has become an ALL-STAR. She's #25 and that's my number. I play the guard position so it's cool to watch someone play your position. They need to put way more WNBA games on national television, because I live clear across the country so I can't see my favorite player play b-ball!! Well, that's all I've got to say.
Reno, Nevada

Enamoured of Alana
Alana Beard is my favorite, a great player and future star of the WNBA. I've watched and admired her play since college. She is one of the best all-around players I've seen in either league, and I've seen a lot of players in my 46 years!

She seems to be a great team player and always maintains poise, confidence and a positive attitude. She has a kind of "quiet intensity" that reminds me of Michael Jordan and the mellow but focused competitiveness of a Cynthia Cooper.
Coach Charles
Baltimore, MD

Ferdinand is the finest
The best is without doubt Marie Ferdinand. She is talented beyond belief, but the most amazing part about her is she seems to floating on air while playing. Marie is not only graceful and humble she also has the uncanny beauty to be able to walk off court after a 20+ point game and go straight to a modelling session!! I just wish the Silver Stars were better and I think Marie is underappreciated for that reason. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, LET'S GET MORE WNBA ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!
Cary Camp
Baton Rouge
(yeah she's from LSU! So what!)

Cooper & Bird are tops
My favorite all-time player is Cynthia Cooper. She is just an awesome player and person. I've met her a couple of times and she is just so down to earth and i just love the way she interacts with the kids. My favorite in the league right now???? That's a little tough. I love the hustle of Tamika Catchings, I love the dedication of Sheryl Swoopes, I love the way L. Jackson, D. Nolan, S. Bird, and T. WcWilliams-Franklin play the whole time there out there. But i think my fav. in the league would be Sue. Number 1, she is number 10 and that's my number. Number two, even thought she got busted in her nose last year she still came back to play after havin surgery. DEDICATION TO HER TEAM. Also, she is an awesome point guard and that's my position so i just like watchin her perform. Well, that's about it.
Chunk em,

Bowing down to Battle
My favorite WNBA player is Ashley Battle of the Seattle Storm. AB isn't the type of player who will be an All-Star or an Olympian, but she does the little things. Every night AB is ready to bring defense and rebounding, and change the tempo of a game. As a 6th man AB dosn't get as much respect as her fellow players, but she is my favorite WNBA player.

Hung up on Holdsclaw
Chamique Holdsclaw all the way! First of all, she came from UT Knoxville under Coach Pat Summitt! Second, she's an awesome player that loves what she does. Chamique is a great encourager and supporter! She is the best lay-up chick ya got! I could write tons but "Holdsclaw" is all I have to say! Let's whup em' girls!
Jackson, TN

Smitten with Sue
I like Sue Bird because she went to UConn and was a star here in '00-'02. Now, she led the Seattle Storm to the WNBA Championship with LJ and has won at every level (high school w/ Christ the King, college w/ UConn 2x, WNBA Championship, Olympic Gold Medal). Sue is also a really nice person and is really missed along with DT at UConn.
Jenny Gobin
East Windsor, CT

Bird Watcher
Sue Bird. Susie has been a great player and role model since before she started in the WNBA. I have a video from when she played in High School and she was outstanding even then. When the goin' get tough, Susie gets goin'

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Who do you think will win the NCAA title this year?

Liking LSU
I think that the LSU Tigers will win the women's D1 NCAA championship because they have shown to me to be the most complete team... although there have been upsets this season and no one dominant team... I'm still gonna go with LSU, though! Seimone Augustus is awesome!

Hail the Huskies
I think UConn will pull it all together and in the end will come out with the big W. Charde Houston will be the MVP and Will Crocket will start playing better. Even now, if UConn brings their A game they can beat any team in the country and in March, when their A game is always there, they will be unstoppable. I'm a diehard UConn fan, though, so what do I know?

Previous Question:
Would you like to be a coach someday?

A Steady Climb
I would love to be a coach someday! First I would like to go to a Division I college and play and maybe go to the WNBA. I really want to coach a college team. I will probably start out as a high school coach first. It is my dream to be a college coach.

A Family Tradition
There are three reasons why I would want to be a coach. First, I think coaching would be a very rewarding thing to do. There are four 6th graders on my team (I'm an 8th grader; it's a 6th, 7th & 8th grade team) and I've been helping them with things like defense, shooting and that they shouldn't give up on playing. I feel really good after I help them because I know I made a difference in the way that they play or the mind set that they approach the game with.

Second, I've had a lot of great coaches so far. They've really helped me and have given me great advice and I want to pass that along. Last, I'm from a family where basketball is basically a family tradition. Coaching would be a great way to keep up the family tradition.
#15 Sarah
Mt. Sterling, Ohio

Passing It On
My name is Cassie, I am 11 and I love the game of basketball. My dream is to go to UConn someday and play for them. I would love to keep going with a career in basketball. I want to coach girls' basketball someday. I have a passion for basketball. It has taught me so much in so little time. I watch girls' and boys' basketball games, high school thru pros, and I try to learn all of the plays. I write my favorite ones down and my sister and I practice them.

I currently play on two basketball teams and I love to go over the plays in mind each night before I go to bed. My mom has told me in the past that if you study something before you go to sleep, that you will remember it the next day. So far, that advice has paid off both on and off of the court. This year my coach has asked me to step up and be a leader on the floor. I have to direct some of the girls who do not know the plays that well. I think that has helped me with my game also because it taught me to be assertive. I think that is why I would love to coach.
Thanks, Cassie from Mason, Ohio
Go Comets!!! Go Angels!!

Possible Future Goal, After Basketball
I would definitely consider being a basketball coach. But, I would go to college first and play basketball hopefully, then the dream for a coach will kick in. It seems like being a coach is another way of staying with basketball instead of giving it up entirely. You get to be with some of the best players in the world and teach them and say that you were their coach and they learned from you. I believe that coaching is one of the best jobs that you can have, if you love basketball. Now that I am only 12 I notice how my coaches coach and I look at their coaching styles and I say to myself, I want to be better than that and I want to do this with my team and do that. It gets me thinking like, "I'm gonna be hard on them and I'm gonna be a good supporting coach too."

I also would love to be a coach just for the sake of helping others achieve their dreams. If you can do that it should make you feel good. You are helping them in a way and helping them with their building blocks in life and it's important to help others. Coaching would be really fun. There's no down side to coaching but the possible stress. But hey, who doesn't get stressed out. Look at the best women's college coach, Geno Auriemma. We all know that he gets stressed but he wins games and CHAMPIONSHIPS. He has a good team-- that's by the way, taking it all.
Tanaja Green
Middletown, CT

Starting at 13
I think coaching would be an exciting thing to do. I will be coaching a Special Olympics team starting in a few weeks. I can't wait. I think it will be fun and also teach me more about basketball. I am 13 years old. I have been playing bball for 4 years. In the past I have played recreational and travel bball. Now I am playing AAU and in my first year of middle school, I am starting on the varsity team. Coaching a team will allow me to look at bball a different way because when you teach others you pay more attention to all the aspects of the game. Coaching is also very rewarding, to be able to teach someone else how to play the fantastic sport of basketball and watching them have fun and develop the same passion as I have.
Allie Rand, 13
Haddam, CT

Bouncing Back
Being a coach for girls' basketball would mean a lot to me. I have been a player for only three years. During my second season I got cut  from the team and then the coach begged me to come back. She said that she did not feel that we would get along too well and that is why she cut me in the first place. She was then short a point guard, but I did not go back to the Senior girls team. I decided to help the Junior girls coach where I gained more experience than I ever did as a player. I also coached the Junior boys team that same year. I realized that being a coach is a lot harder than I thought it was. But it was also almost more fun than playing. During my third season I came back as one of the top female players in my school, and one of the most respectable players, too.

I now have future plans in my life to become a basketball coach. I intend to not make the same mistakes that the other coach did, even though I learned form it and made my season of not playing worthwhile.
Skye #32
Ontario, Canada

From College to Coaching?
My name is Karleen. I am from Rapid City, SD, but I am currently attending college in Minnesota. I am majoring in Physical Education, but my goal is to be a PE teacher in high school and to become a girls' high school basketball coach. I love to play, but I know that I won't be able to play for the rest of my life, and I can't stay away from the sport. I love to help kids and I know that being a coach would make me very happy.

Awesome Experience
I would love to be a head coach at any level. I was an assistant coach this past year and the experience was great. I worked with younger girls and just had the time of my life. I think I also had an easy time relating to the girls because we were close in age, and to them I was like their old sister. I loved it. I feel that after playing and then going to coaching you see things on a different level, and I think that is a great advantage.
Plymouth Meeting, PA

Helming for High School
I'd love to coach on at least the high school level. I'm going to be playing ball in college next year where I'll be majoring in Secondary Education. So it would be nice to teach and coach. I think it's only fair to share my love and appreciation for the game with others.

I've been playing basketball and softball competitively since I was 6, so I've had many different coaches and I feel like I can take all the good things from each coach and apply them to what I will do as a coach, but at the same time avoid the mistakes my coaches have made.

I want to be one of those coaches that really makes an impact on the kids' lives. I have had one or two coaches in my life who reinforced my love of the game and gave me the confidence I needed--not just for basketball, but for life. A coach should do more than just teach basketball.
S. C., PA

Long-Term Plan
Yes, I would love to become a coach one day. It would be wonderful. I love to play basketball so then once you're older and have stopped playing (that will be a LONG time for me) it would be great to still be able to be part of the game by coaching!
Sarah H.
Madison, Alabama

Captivated by Coaching
I would love to be a coach. I have been dreaming of coaching college basketball since I was a kid. Right now I am an assistant coach for a local basketball organization. It is so much fun working with kids. I look forward to coaching my own team after college. I love teaching the game, and I love watching the game, so it is my perfect career.
Trudi Spencer

Previous Question:
If you could change places for a day with a person involved in women's basketball, who would that person be, and why did you choose this person?

Entranced by Alana
If I could change places with somone for one day, it would be Alana Beard. She is such a great basketball player and she is very well spoken. Also, I could also be a few inches taller if I were her.
Courtney Wallace
Northglenn, Colorado

Delighted by Diana
If I could trade places with someone for one day, I would definitely trade places with Diana Taurasi. She is the most amazing person on and off the court, in the way she treats opponents, teammates, coaches, and fans. She is the nicest person I've ever met and I would give anything to trade places with her for one day!!
Bozrah, Connecticut

A Shine for Sheryl
If I could trade places for one day I would be Sheryl Swoops because I like her so much--I'm her number one fan. I love the way she plays basketball her game is awesome. When I get older I want to play in the WNBA, just like her. I have good skills--I got put in the high school team in the 7 grade and I started before all of those girls who haven't even started and I'm only 13 years old. And I also love the Houston Comets.
Kendra McKinney (A.K.A Ken)
Daleville, Alabama

Lauding Lawson
If I could trade places with one b-ball player, it would be Kara Lawson. She is a wonderful player and person. She is also outstanding Christian. And because she was a Lady Vol--I gotta support the Vols.
Brandi Thurman

Amazed by Alana
If I could switch places with anyone for a whole day...I would have to say I would like to be Alana Beard from Duke. Her game is off the hook, and to be teammates with Iciss Tillis and Monique Currie would be tight. Then to live in Durham, NC.....what could be better then that and admiring her gold medal that she won this year at the FIBA Tournament for Young Women in Croatia.

I am a huge Alana and Duke fan if you haven't already figured that out. I look up to her a lot. Her game is flawless and she has a great attitude, she is everything I aspire to be.
Chelsea McKinney
New Orleans, LA

Charmed by Chamique
That is an easy question, Chamiquie Holdsclaw. She is not only a GREAT player but off the court she is nice and as Par Summitt says has a great attitude! She had a rough start at the beginning of her WNBA career, but I know now that she will dominate the court!!!
Sarah H.

Sheryl shows Her If I could trade places with a person involved in womens basketball, it would definitely be Sheryl Swoopes. She's an amazing role model, a hardworking player, and dedicated to the sport. Her leadership on and off the court inspires many young athletes like myself to work even harder.
Samantha Rogers
Bellingham, MA

Caught up in Catchings
If I could switch places with any basketball player, it would my girl Tamika Catchings. The reason why I chose this talented person? Not only is she a wonderful basketball player on the court, she is also a wonderful person off of it. And most importantly she pays attention to all of her fans no matter what. She is also one of the most down-to-earth people I've ever talked to and has a great sense of humor just like me. Be sure to check out her website at
Rashanti Weathers
Pasco, WA

Cooper is Super
If I had this great opportunity, I would like to be in Cynthia Cooper's place! She is great, I admire her for everything she has already done for all her fans, and of course for the community! She loves kids, and she plays real good basketball!! She gave us a lot of great memories!! I really hope that she becomes a good coach, too!
Eleana Giannatsi, 20

Swapping with Swoopes
If I could changes place with a person involved in women's basketball, it would have to be Sheryl Swoopes. She is one of, if not the best, basketball player in the world. In everyl level, girls wants to win a championship title, which she did five times including four WNBA titles. Not only is she a hardworking player but she is also a mother of a six-year old son. I love being around young kids, especially if you could teach them something you don't know -- it makes you seem smart. I don't think anyone one has it like sheryl swoopes, I mean she's the best you can ask for.
Brittney Lancaster
Houston, TX

Taken with Taurasi
I would without a doubt change positions with my favorite player and my idol, Diana Taurasi. I wouldn't change with Dee because of all the attention she gets, I would want to change with her because I know she is a true basketball player. Dee brings everything to the plate and steps up like the leader that she is and she plays her heart out every game. Dee is just so confident about herself she could make anybody want to be like her. Dee doesn't try to be like anybody else or play like anybody she brings her own style to basketball and I love her for that. Diana plays like a star and everybody respects her on the court and that's what everybody likes when people respect you not for the show but you and the true person that you are.

One more reason why is because when Diana steps on the court she is thinking about basketball and nothing else and Dee knows what has to be done. Nobody in this world has so much heart for the game like Diana and that's what I like most about her -- her love for the game.
Nicole Green

Previous Question:
Why do you play basketball?

Loving It
I play basketball because i absolutely love the game!!!!!!!!! My family is a little different than most families though, my mom is the one who Pushes me with my basketball. My dad supports me 100 percent, but he think that 5 -8' white girls like me can't play a man's game. Every time I hear him say that a girl can't play just as good as the boys, that pushes me even harder to excel in this sport. Every time I go out on the court it's like all my problems disappear. It's just me & the basketball and someone is getting ready to get schooled!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have dreams of playing with the Tennessee Lady Vols someday and being drafted to the WNBA. When I go on the Gball website, it is nice to know that there are girls out there just like me trying to show the  world (and males) that all girls aren't meant to be cheerleaders. Girls got game, too!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chelsi Calkins
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

My Life Long Dream
Since I was born my dad and my mom always watched basketball games. I loved the game! I always played basketball but just for fun until i was 9 years old. Then i decided that I wanted to play college ball and in the WNBA. That's been my dream for the longest.

Now I'm 13. I've been playing in a park league for 2 years already. I play for Panorama Rec. Center. I do everything I can to make my dream come true. I'm thinking of playing for a travel team. I think I have a better chance to reach my dream that way. Basketball is just a great game to play. It gets everything off my mind and it keeps me away from drugs and alcohol. I'll always play basketball. and hopefully I'll see some of these girls in the WNBA or NCAA.
Sthefany Alviar #44
Panorama City, California

Learning from Dad
The reason why I play basketball would have to be the fact that my Dad is a high school coach. He started coaching when I was about 3, so I was always in the gym. As I grew older, I became so interested in basketball, I just loved to play. In 2nd grade, for my First Communion, I spent all of my money on a basketball and hoop. Now, over 15 years later, countless travel, basketball shoes and teams, the love I have for the game of basketball has not changed one bit. The fact that my dad gave me so much help in making my dream of playing college basketball become reality, it's the best feeling in the world. If I don't play basketball at least once a day, I feel horrible, and I hope that feeling NEVER changes!
THANKS DAD!!!! :-)

Confidence Counts
I play basketball because I feel if you have the confidence to believe in yourself, your game is changed! If you don't have confidence this sport isn't for you. I feel you have to play your heart out even if you're tired of anything, that should give you the boost to play harder. I think about basketball and think of what I could do better. I wish I was like Cynthia Cooper or Christine Rathke!


Finding an Escape
Basketball -- wow, there's so much I can say. But I'm going to start off by saying that just like mostly every other girl on here, I have dreams of playing at UConn and playing in the WNBA, and when people read all of the hundred posts on here, and see that we all have the same dreams they might say "yeah right, like all these girls will play in the WNBA," but it's true, we're all talented and we're the future. If we want to play in the WNBA, who's stopping us?

Basketball for me is like an escape. When I'm upset, I just walk outside and play. I'll find someone to challenge so I feel complete after I beat them. Basketball to me is when I lie in bed at night shooting the ball in the mid air....for hours. Or how last summer I spent each and every 90 days of summer, for 2 hours a day, playing. And because of that, I earned myself a starting position this season, and a place on a better AAU team. Basketball is just an escape, when the boys try and tell you woman's basketball is a joke, there's nothing left to do, besides to take them, one on one, and see who's laughing in the end.

Since the 2nd grade, I've played basketball, and this year I got where I wanted to be. At AAU tryouts, I wasn't picked to be on the 16-year-old team, although I'm only 13. That night I was devastated, but i couldn't let down. Whenever I saw my coach I made sure I had a basketball with me. The night before my first AAU tournament I got a call. It was my coach, he told me it would be a good idea if I played with the 16-year-old girls tomorrow. My face was glowing all day, and in that game the next morning, you can bet that I gave everything in me, and i earned myself a spot on that 16-year-old team, along with playing for the 13-year-old team. I have proof that practicing may not make perfect, but it can still get you far.

After this summer I've perfected my game in so many ways, and I plan to do it again this summer so I can play high school ball next year. Also, nobody's game is perfect, there's always something you can help yourself get better at. I'd also like to add that I'm not one of the girls who scores over 20 points a game, and I'm not 6 feet tall. I'm an amazing shooter, and I do what I need to do in games, and I'm only 5'6". But the quote goes like this "It doesn't matter about who scores the points, it's the person that gets the ball to the scorer" and that's so true. That's basketball for me -- it means everything.
Lisa #11

The Game of Life
I basically live, sleep, and breath basketball day in and day out. Basketball is my life and always will be. Basketball takes my life to a whole new level and beyond. Basketball seems like the only sport that boosts up my self- esteem and makes me want to actually want to be somebody. When I step on to a basketball court it makes me rise and I get pumped up. When I play basketball, I never do it for show when there is a crowd watching -- I do it for me. Basketball builds my confidence level to high stakes it's so unbelievable.

I also play basketball because I am inspired by a wonderful young lady that is so multi- talented, Diana Taurasi. Diana makes me want to dominate on the court she seems to bring out my straight up basketball side. Diana motivates me to play with all the wonderful things she does. When lays hard I play hard. Diana is so positive on the court and she sets high stakes for herself it's just so amazing for her. Diana is truly my idol and inspires me to play without her I think my confidence would be lower and I thank her for inspiring me. My dreams are to go to UConn and play basketball, then to be drafted into the WNBA and I know I will try my hardest to achieve my dreams and more. I will never give up and I will reach for the stars -- the best is yet to come.
Tanaja Green
Middletown, Connecticut

Philippines Hoopster
I play basketball, basically because I love it. I started playing when I was four or three years old. Since then, I've always watched and played basketball. I'm a member of our high school's varsity although I'm quite short, standing at around 5'5 or 5'4. Whenever I play it brings me happiness that I can't experience from anything else. I believe that whatever I lack in height, I make up with my perseverance and willingness to do anything for our team. I love rebounding the ball and blocking shots more than scoring the points, because I believe that defense wins CHAMPIOSNHIPS. Plus, the scorers always gets the credit.

I can't really express my love for this game in words, but let me just say that without this game I would be a totally different person. Basketball has made me a better person and I hope to play this game forever...and even if I don't I will still love it.
Andrea from the Philippines

Love and Basketball

Intent in Idaho
I love the game of basketball more then I love my boyfriend. It's just soo much fun to get out there, play your hardest, and work as a team. My town is really little so you practically know everyone. I practically grew up with my basketball team. I'm going into my sophomore year of high school and as a freshman I was a starter on the varsity team. Since I was in the fourth grade I have been playing with the girls that are two and three years older then me--very rarely have I played with the girls my age. But overall I love the game, I wouldn't know how to cope without it. I am only 5'4" and I don't think I am going to grow any more. I want to go onto college and play in the WNBA, but everyone around here doesn't think I will make it because I am too short. But I am going to try to prove them wrong.
Ashley Warnke
Ashton, Idaho

Hooping in Scandinavia
I love basketball because if makes me feel like I can do anything! Without basketball I don't know what I would do. Every time I'm out on the basketball court I feel like this is where I'm supposed to be. There's a saying here in Norway that says that "All Norweigans were born with skies on their legs." I think I was rather born with basketball shoes. Someday I hope to play at UConn and then in the WNBA.
Oslo, Norway

Owning the Court
I like playing basketball because when I step on the court, I feel that I own it. Because when you're on the court, it's Showtime. It's not time to act all cute--it's time to play rough.
Sooners # 23

Hoop Dreams
I play basketball because that's all I think about every night before I got to sleep. I always think how we lost our championship game by one point and if I would have made my other foul shot we would have won. But I love the sport so much I can't wait to go to college to Duke and play and get into the WNBA! (plus be the second person to slam it in the WNBA!)
Heather Conley
Mt. Blancard, Ohio

Being the Best
I love basketball and that is why I play it. The best part of it is when I beat all the boys and they tell me I am really good. When I play basketball with myself or with friends and I can just be myself and do what I do best, that is basketball.

I love the sport and I know that it takes hard work to be a great player and that is my main goal in life.
Brittany Reynolds
Kettering, Ohio

Growing Up With the Game
I play basketball beacuse I've always loved the game and have a had a goal of doing good in it. When I was just four and my cousin played high school bball, I would tell my dad, "I wanna play basketball." (I must have drove him nuts saying it so much!) I also play because it's a lot of fun. All of my friends play and we have a lot of fun together. My goals for basketball are to make the varsity team in high school, then go on to play for UConn.
Mt. Sterling, Ohio

Sticking With It
I didn't make the team in high school, so I went to a league in Lynn Garden. When the Coach called, he said the team was all guys except for me, the only girl. He begged for me not to quit because of that, and I told him I wouldn't want to quit just because I was going to be the only girl on the team, it'll be a great challenge. I went to practice and he still looked suprised to see me. Four of the guys were taller than me, way taller...I thought I was going to get hurt. But I stuck with it because I wanted to keep playing. They were awesome. I was a starter. It was so awesome!! We ran away with the championship 12-0. The perfect season. I won the Defensive Player of the Year award, and the Leadership award. The guys on the other teams always tried to take me out of the game, but never could---the guys on my team said they couldn't have made it without me. That comment means the world to me. Even though I love showing guys up, I love it when they brag about my game. Now I have to prove it in high school. Watch out...There's an Eagle soarin' into the roster!
Kayla S.
Rye Cove, Home of Eagles

Finding Herself
Basketball for me started as something to do, but now it is a sport I love to play. I am really competitive with my 2 older brothers so I get better by playing them. Without basketball I don't know who I'd be. Basketball is my life and I don't think I'll ever get tired of playing it.

Owning the Court
I'm a tall girl for my age, 5'8 at 14 years old. Nobody understands that I love this sport, they think I don't care. My brother plays for University of Houston. He is the only white boy--you can't miss him at 6'10". Ever since I touched a b-ball I fell in love. I drove myself to the edge making everything right. I shoot 3-pointers, lay-ups, one-on-one. I do my best! I can't do any other sport like track, volleyball, or any that involves flex! I love basketball forever! I'm a crazy tall blond that loves basketball! I never miss my brother's games--I love to watch and learn! So I care!

Hawaiian Hoopster
The reason why I, Rhani, love basketball is because I have played in leagues since I was five years old. Even though all the other people were older than me, I didn't care. I didn't care about height or weight or how much skills they had. I just always told myself that I am better than them. Till this very day I have always thought that. Then I made player of the week. Now, in almost every Honolulu Advertisement my name is always in it, with a picture.

My mom has taught me since I was very young. When I was about two, she gave me a little ball, with a short basketball hoop and she told me that this was my future and that I would love it. Now, I thank her for that. It has gotten me into a great school (Kamehameha), with a basketball scholarship, and already scouts from colleges come up to my mom and ask her if I could go to their college, but my mom tells them that I am only in 7th grade, which I am. I am a big player but I play point and can hustle that's why I love the game of basketball. There is nothing else I can do better in. I work hard in school just so I can go out of state to play ball.

Another thing that happens in my life is how I always need to touch a basketball.There isn't a day that went by that I haven't touched a basketball. I don't care if I have to wake up in the middle of the night, I just have to touch a basketball before I go nuts. Even if I am sick I run outside to grab the basketball and just shoot one shot. Even that one time when I was in the hospital because I broke my ankle, I was yelling and screaming and demanding my mom to go home and grab my basketball so I could touch it.
Rhani (from Hawaii)

Looking Up to Taurasi
I play basketball because it is what I do best! I have liked basketball since I was really little. It just came easy and I decided it was that sport for me! My inspiration is Diana Taurasi. I want to be just like her! I hope to go to UConn and play just like her. She is one talented b-ball player. I have set my mind to be just like her and rip up the court, play hard, and have confidence in myself. DT is definitely one reason I play, she's a role model to many other girls as well as I. I love UConn and I know that in the freshman class of 2009, I'll be starting point guard, just like her or Maria Conlon. I play ball because of D, if it were not for her I probably would not try as hard and play at the best of my ability. Diana Taurasi is like another coach to me, she has taught me a whole lot about the game, and if I could, I would thank her personally. I love UConn and will be playing there in 2009. I love the game, and instead of, why do I play basketball?, how about, why wouldn't I play basketball?
It's all for the love of the game.
Madison H.
Lancaster, MA

Love the Game
I play because I can play and because I LOVE the game! Without basketball I wouldn't be much of a person. It has gone from something to do, to something that I can't live without. The thought of getting a chance to play some good hard basketball just makes me excited. I LOVE the sport of basketball and I will play until it is no longer fun...which I don't think will be for awhile.
Laura H.
Great Valley NY

Meant to Play
I play bball because i was meant to play. My dad played his whole life and got a scholarship to Northeastern State Oklahoma. Go Redman! They are this year's Division II champs. And he taught me the game growing up and to this day he still is giving me pointers. And I've always looked up to basketball players everywhere especially when i was living in AZ. Go Wildcats! I've just basically been playing the game my whole life and gone to camps and am currently playing for Riverview High School.
Diana Morgan
Tampa aka T-Town, Florida

A Woman's Game
I play because it used to be considered a boys game and I think women and girls should have equal opportunities (same reason I play the trombone). Also, it is fun.

WNBA Dream
When I was little, I used ot play soccer, basketball, do track and cross-country, and I swum, so, overall, I really wasn't sure what my heart wanted. But when I was in like, 3rd grade, I really discovered that I had a natural ability as a point guard, and I started on a 6th grade team.I wasn't a good shooter, but i was just as good as everyone else on the team in terms of the other fundamentals. I started playing pick-up ball and tried that at the park, but I was called names like Lil' Jiggaboo, stuff like that that I didn't like it, when I beat them. I started going to the gym more and getting help from a dude named Geno. I didn't have a scorer's mentality, so he helped me and now I'm in the 6th grade and my coach is challenging me to take the ball to the hoop and stuff like that more during regular-season AAU games, because at my team's spring league I averaged 26.2 ppg, according to my coach, and 5.9 apg. I am only 4-9 and am growing slowly, I haven't even gotten close to starting my growth spurt, so I hope my future is properous and I want to play for Stanford, UConn, or Duke. I am extremely competitive, and will do anything to achieve my dream of being in the WNBA.
Sierra Meehan Family Stazz
I love basketball cause I feel like it likes me too. It's easy for me and It's FUN!!!! All of my family members have been basketball starzz so, they encourage me to play more and I just LOVE it. I think it comes natural to me. I made the traveling team and I'm doin' great!

UConn Inspired I play basketball because it is a very fun sport. It's not hard or easy it's something that you can have fun with. My dad plays and also my brothers and sisters it's like a family sport that we all enjoy. Basketball brings out many talented people and gives them a chance to play. What really inspires me to play is Uconn Womens Basketball. They take it to a whole new level they're awesome. Some day I wish to got to UCONN and then to the WNBA.

Across the Pond
Well, I live in England (Manchester) and it's not one of the most popular sports ever, but I love it. I've only been playing for 4 years but I love it, and can't imagine life without it. I think since I've been playing basketball the best thing is when you play against lads. Because they expact you to be crap. And then when they see that you're better than them they get really annoyed. I love rippin them, it's so funny. Plus, girls can take it as a game and have a laugh, whilst lads get really annoyed.

But that's a problem actually, because I love basketball but only as fun--when I started getting serious and playing for county it scared me and I stopped playing for them. Because I wasn't enjoying it at all. And id love to play basketball professionally, but cant see it happening so, for now I'm just happy playing for fun (if iI lived in America there would be so many opportunities, I'd improve so much) with me living in England I don't see the point. SO JUST PLAY FOR FUN
Abbey Doran


The Excitement
I absolutely LOVE playing basketball. I love the excitement of the game. The closeness you feel as a team. Just thinking of playing makes me want to jump and shout! I have a real passion for the game! (just ask my parents!) I have lots of friends that play ball, and we love the WNBA. I love the sound of a dribble ( Yes, this is a serious passion!) Basketball keeps me fit, and i love playing with the guys on my street! When I watch the WNBA or college ball, and see those girls playing it makes me want to go out and practice, practice, practice!
Girl's Ball Rules!
Adrienne Huntsman

Meant to Play I play ball because I love it! Whenever I don't have my hands on the ball, I'm thinking or dreaming about playing. When I'm on the court, everything just flows. It seems like my hands were meant just to play basketball. I feel like nothing matters except playing my heart out and having fun. If I play a good game, I've succeeded and that's all that matters. I love basketball for so many reasons. Its a team game and takes game sense, and athletic ability. It's my favorite sport and I can't think of life without it!!
Caitlin (Cat)
Chisago, MN

Keeps Me Thinking
I love basketball. it is fun to play and it keeps you in shape. I am also very competitive and basketball is a competitive sport. Also, basketball keeps my brain thinking because it is not only a physical sport it is a mental sport. Basketball...the best sport!
Stephanie Merrick
Somerset, KY

Hoops Opportunities I started playing basketball in 4th grade just for fun. Then, I really began to love it and wanted to succeed in it, and I began loving it because of all the opportunities it provides. I play because of the competiton, but mostly because I love it.

No Longer Fun?

Previous Question:
What women's college team are you rooting for this year and why?

A Big Cheer for Bentley!
I'm rooting for Bentley College, a Div. 2 school in Waltham, Massachusetts, because they have a perfect conference record so far and only 2 losses out of conference. One of my former high school teammates also plays for Bentley, so I gotta root for them! GO BENTLEY FALCONS!
Burnt Hills, New York

This Year and Next
St. Bonaventure Bonnies--got to go with the home town team. They have the makings of a good team, and next year they should be good again. GO BONNIES.
Olean, NY

Rooting for Alum
DUKE all the way. I think everyone at Cy-Fair High is cheering for DUKE! One of the freshman on the team, Lindsey Harding, was our starting guard last year, and we are all cheering for her.
Leah Carreon

UCONN Holds It Down
I'm going with UCONN all the way. They can't be stopped and won't be stopped. Face it, they beat the Dukies, the Sooners, and the supposedly Fighting Irish. Yes, they do have 4 freshmen, so what does that mean? That doesn't make them any worse or less talented.
1. we have Barbara Turner who is a beast in the paint
2. Ann Strother who is gonna light you up outside the arc
3. Willnett Crockett who is mostly outspoken but she's going to creep behind your back and be your nightmare on the glass
4. Nicole Wolff who is one of our best defenders (God bless her and her injury, we miss you Nicki).
That 's our killer freshmen. Now I'm going to come to you with the sickest women's college player out there: DIANA TAURASI.
She's just every team's worst nightmare, admit it all you coaches. She's gonna light you up with her sparkling three, hit you with a jumper, make a pretty lay up, strike a pass through you ... I can just go on. Come on folks she's a junior, the best is yet to come. Now you tell me who's going to win the ship, one answer for ya: UCONN.
Tanaja Green
Middletown, Connecticut

Go Duke!
I'm rooting for the Lady Blue Devils. Alana Beard is just too tight! Her game is almost flawless. I really hope that they take it all the way this year. I do like UConn and Diana Taurasi, but I Love Duke.
North Platte, NE

Climbing the Web
I have to root for the home team here, the university of richmond spiders. We are a surprise this year with a new coach and good team play. the spiders should do just fine this year.
RIchmond, VA

We've Got the Best
i am rooting for UConn. i know they could win every game b/c they have the best players, diana taurasi, ann strother, nicole wolff, and many more. i am supporting my hometown team. Alicia Boilermakers are Boil'n'
This year, as usual, I'm rooting for the Boilermakers. They are doing so great this year. Only 2 losses!! The team consissts of some pretty awesome players--All American Shareka Wright, very tall and awesome rebounder Mary Jo Noon, all-time 3-point shooting guard Beth Jones, great player everywhere Lindsay Hicks, awesome all-around player Emily Hiekes, and the best ball handler and shooter in Erika Valek. This year, my favorite (as in other years) is Erika Valek. She is such an awesome player! She makes up her mind to win and she makes sure it happens--always! She (besides my dad) is my role model. She teaches me a lot every time she plays. She is a awesome player both on defense, and offense. You couldn't ask for a better player. Kristy Curry is also an awesome coach. Whatever she's doing, it's working! We're on top! LET'S GO BOILERMAKERS!!!
KoKoMo, IN

Arizona is Hot I'm rooting for the Arizona Wildcats this year. They have an awesome new freshman, 00 Polkey (that's what she likes to go by). She's 6' 5" and averaging 19 points and over 13 rebounds, leading the Pac-10 in both categories.
Go Cats, Beat Stanford!

Home Town Fan
I know Wisconsin is not doing so well, but I'm still rooting for my home state.

Go UConn
I'm rooting for the UConn Huskies like I always do. Diana Taurasi is taking on a leadership role since the Fab 4 left last year. They have some young players but I think they'll be able to repeat and be Champions again!
Go Huskies!

PSU & Mazzante
I'm rooting for Penn State because of perrennial scorer Kelly Mazzante. Well, you could basically say that I'm cheering for her to see how she can handle the pressure with all of this hype about her basketball ability. Also, even though she is the nation's best scorer and overall player, probably better than Katie Smith who is currently in the WNBA, she doesn't get enough attention. People are still watching Diana Taurasi just because she is on the Connecticut team. Sure, she is good, but she plays on a young team that has plenty of youth and overall ability, Furthermore Kelly plays on a team that has talent, but not as much as UConn.

If you watch her more frequently, you notice that she is the HEART AND SOUL of the Lady Lion team and without her on the team Penn State would probably be in the 20-25 area in the rankings and in my opinion would probably even slip out of the rankings. If you give her too much space, she hits the shot, and if you give her limited space, she hits you with a quick, athletic, pumper in the lane or a drive. So I guess that you could say that I'm definitely watching and cheering for them a lot more this season.

Vols, As Always I'm rooting for Tennessee, just like I do every year. They have some really good players. One of my favorite WNBA players (Michelle Snow) was a star on their team. The only unfortunate thing is that they can't seem to win a Championship. Oh well. Go Tennessee!

Sooners Real Soon
My favorite college team is Oklahoma. I am a big OU fan. I want them to do good this year because they are so underestimated. Nobody thinks they are going to do good this year because they lost Stacey Dales-Schuman, but I think they're going to do great. They have Caton Hill, Dionna Jackson, and Theresa Schuneckt. They also have lower classmen like Chelsi Welch and Erin Higgins. They may be a young team, but they're going to do great.

Lady Lion Camper
i'm gonna be rooting for the Penn State Lady Lions . i went to camp there and was lucky enough to have Kelly Mazzante as my coach for the entire week, i got to know the girls pretty well, and being that i live pretty close to PSU, i can go to most of the games. I've kept in touch with most of the girls over the summer and i cannot wait to see them in person again and hopefully making it to Atlanta!

Previous Question:
Did you watch the WNBA on TV this summer? Why or why not? If you did, what's the best and worst part of watching WNBA action? What did you feel were the highlights this year? Did you get to see a live game?

Watching the Goal
Honestly, I didn't even know that there was a wnba league out in 97. The wnba caught my eye in the year 2000. Houston is my number one in the west. New York is my number one on the east. I didn't care about the wnba too much in 2001. But when 2002 season came around, I was into the game emotionally, like I was actually there playing. Out of all the games that were played this season, the only ones that I didn't see were the games broadcast on oxygen. I went on the internet twice to watch a game live. I always wanted to play basketball, if I had the chance. The wnba has taught me a lot, about winning and losing in life. Everybody is trying to reach for that goal. In order for you to get it, you have to keep trying and work for it. Before you know it, you have gotten what you want. I carry that with me everyday, thanks to the WNBA.
Much Love,

Rookies Are Great!
Yes, we did watch the WNBA on TV this summer. My 14 year old daughter plays tournament ball for a Dallas-Fort Worth Select team so we love watching the the WNBA as well as the collegiate games. I think the best part was watching all the Rookies that we had seen just a few months earlier that had been competing in the NCAA Final Four. To see them succeed in the WNBA in their first year was such a great accomplishment.

The Worst Part of Watching
WNBA was not being able to watch a lot of the games, because unfortunately women's sports are "still" not receiving the attention that men's sports get. Too many times the games were just not televised. Can you believe just this past week in our area, ESPN covered the boys "Little League World Series" playoff games instead of the WNBA semi-finals? What were they thinking?!!!??

The highlights of the year again has to be the rookies who came into the teams and in most cases turned around a previously losing team and made them a successful winning team this year. Unfortunately, we did not get to see a live game. Houston is the closest team to us and they are a 4-5 hour drive away. Dallas has the Mavericks for the guys.......Mark Cuban needs to start a Women's Team in Dallas!!!
Tammy & Brittany Boetsch
Coppell, Texas

So Great!
Yes I did get to watch the WNBA this summer! It is sooo great! I watch it because women athletes care for their fans and don't get so caught up in media and things like most men. My favorite part of the WNBA is how women seem to play basketball because they love the game --not because they like the money. The worst part of the season is when it ends!

Every Time I Can
I watch the WNBA basically every time I can. I love watching the games. I've never been to a game but you can bet I will soon. The worst part of watching the WNBA is ... the refs! not really! I love watching--there isn't a thing that's really bad about watching it. The highlights of this year are... Lisa Leslie's dunk! And rookie Sue Bird's ability to lead her team! I would love to see an Eastern conference team win the Championship this year, I think it is about time a new team wins!!
Great Valley, NY

Live is Better
Yes, I watched the WNBA on tv but I don't usually like to because the annoucers talk about the star player the whole game and it gets boring. I think the highlight of the season hasn't played yet. It will be when Edna Campbell plays in the last Sacramento home game. My mom and I have season tickets to the Lynx so I've seen many games.
Eagan, MN

Previous Question:
What did you learn from a teammate this year?

Kobe and Shaq
Me and my teammate Crystal make a great team. This year we went to go watch a USC vs. UCONN game in L.A. It was fun! When it was over we were talking. She said to me, "Did you see all those teenage girls in that stadium? There was like 500 girls in there that share the same dream as we both do." That opened my eyes wide. We both learned that we just got to work even harder now if we want to be in the WNBA. I mean if you look at it, how many girls are in the ages of 13 - 15 writing to this website? And this isn't even half of all the teenage girls that wanna play ball in the world. It's a big reality check! But if you have the heart and confidence in yourself then there's a chance you can make it. I'm just gonna work really hard cause it's been my dream to play in the WNBA since I was a little girl.
Sthefany Alviar #44
Panorama City, California

Bria Knows Best
Well, this past season there were a lot of them. It's hard to choose one who inspires me the most but i would have to say my former teacher, now just my friend, Bria Tidemann. See, this season we were expected to go all the way and win the league champoinship, but our team kind of suffered with switching coaches 3 or 4 times and with some of our players not respecting each other, which led to chaos on the court. Being the team captain, i was expected to be the leader and when things didnt go right i always blamed myself. I have obsessive compulsive disorder and so if we lost or i did something wrong i couldn't sleep at night until i had the perfect solution for it. The whole season got me very stressed and i began to suffer in school and develop a very bad attitude.

When this happened it felt as if everyone gave up on me, except for one person and that was Bria. She explained to me that sometimes things just happen and they aren't always things that can be blamed on one person -- most times it is a team mistake. She made me realize that things do go wrong and you can't change that so you just have to accept them and learn from them and allow them to make you a better ball player and a better person! I will always remember her for what she taught me and i know that she helped me more then i can ever thank her enough for! Thanks Bria!!
Newton, Ks

Courage & Bravery
Well, I learned a lot from everybody this year. But especially Mandy Lamont. She is an excellent basketball player, and teamate. When she first got put on My team, I thought, oh great, she is so stuck up! Then I realized that she was A very nice girl with a lot of talent. She taught me many things in 3 on 3, and 1 on 1 too. I just want to thank her for all she did. She taught me many basktball skills but mostly she taught me courage and bravery. You might think, courage and bravery? No, not in basketball. But there is courage to go for the ball, and bravery to be able to pass the ball to everyone. I hope everyone is being exposed to this kind of stuff.
Kelly Jaffke
Sun Prairie, WI

Reach For Stars
A teammate taught me this year in basketball to do your best and reach for the stars. From hearing those words i did a lot better.
Tiffany Brown
Elmira, NY

Keep Head Up
One thing I learned from a teammate is that you have to watch everyone. I am a guard, I have to run down the court with my head up, seeing who is open and who isn't. I can't dribble with my head down, because I won't see if a defender is coming towards me. SO thats what I learned from one of my teammates.

Everyone Has A Role
I am in the 7th grade and played on the freshman, JV, and Varsity basketball team at our high school this year. When I first started to play with the girls that were older than me and had played for at least 3 or 4 years longer than me I felt very timid. Even through the first couple of weeks we played I felt like I was so small and couldn't do anything--when actually I was getting playing time on the varsity level as a 7th grader. Then, one game, I got put in to the varsity game and scored more than usual, and all my teamates were saying how much I helped out the team by scoring and being in there. I learned from them even if you are a lot younger than the people you are playing with you still have a part and role on that team! Thanks, Fort Knox Lady Eagles!!!!

Taught Me to Be Tough
I started playing basketball this year. I've always loved watching it, and playing it sounded cool! I started as a kid who didn't really know what was going on, until my friend took me under her wing. She taught me to be tough and how play the center postion better than i could have imagined. She wasn't easy on me--she pointed out when i did something wrong, but it was the kind of help i needed and she knew it. She is an awesome basketball player and I love her for all her help.
Great Valley, NY

Come Ready to Play
A teammate that i have truly looked up to is Courtney Wilder. She is a Sr. at Chamberlain High School. She made best Western Con. player of the year, but she doesn't get the fame she deserves. I really look up to her because she is such a great leader and person on and off the court plus she can do any thing she puts her mind to. One of my fav. quotes of hers is: "Come ready to play to the best of your abilit--if not, then take that long walk of shame HOME!!!!!!!!!"
Alexia Sandlin
Tampa, FL. soph.

Gaining Courage
This year I really got into basketball. Before this I just thought basketball was there and that it was a boys' sport. Over the year in 6th grade I have met a friend who has devoted her life to basketball. She gave me tips of how to be a great basketball player like her. She taught me to gain the courage and to be who I am. I actually give her plays and tips now. I just want to say to all the Basketball girls out there to be yourself and to do your best. If you can do that you will be a wonderful basketball player.
Kacey Gibson
New Castle, PA

A Teacher in Taurasi
Even though she is a person that I never met before and not my real teammate, UConn's Diana Taurasi teaches me things everytime she plays. Every kid would want to be like all American Sue Bird, but I want to be like my all American Diana Tauras. She's capable of shooting a three, backing up someone to make a hook shot, make a free throw, lay up, and make a jump shot. Now tell me someone that you know that is a sophomore at 6ft that can do all of that and has a living touch of making a FAR three. So, what has she taught me? You really don't have to shine but you still can be the best on the team, to walk out on the court with a anticipating attitude, and to do the best in your will that you can be. Diana is a true inspirational leader in my life. I love her game and I love her.
Tanaja Green
Middletown, Conn.

Be a Leader
This year my basketball team went to the "Elite 8" in the State tournament. We posted a 25-3 record. I learned this year that even though there are seniors on your team, that doesn't necessarily mean they are the leaders. I am a Junior and I know down inside that I am a leader. Instead I wanted to step back and let our seniors lead their senior year. When the going got rough, they sort of gave up in a way. I learned to not try to cover up the problem as the season went on--not to just hope that our seniors would step up and take the leadership role. Leadership should start during the summer camps and last throughout the whole season. If you can't count on someone in the "not so important" games, then what makes you think that you can in the "important" ones?

Short & Sweet
PRACTICE HARD AND NEVER GIVE UP ... Danielle Phagans taught me that.
Erin Parker

Your Help Helps
I always try to help my teamates as much as I can. I never really knew how important that was until one of my teamates told me when she thought she could not go any more and wanted to give up that me helping her made a difference. She taught me no matter how much that I am hurting, I should always take the time to help and encourage my teamates because it really does help and could make the difference between a win and a loss.
Rita Windham, New Hampshire

Previous Chat Question #4:
Who is the best college player?

Big T
I think UConn's Diana Taurasi is the BEST! She knows her game and she is possibly the best passer in the country. She also can shoot 3 pointers like nobody's business. I also got the chance to meet her when UConn played Virginia Tech and she is the nicest person. She is just full of energy. Let's Go DT!
Whitney, Bluefield, Va

Great Gopher
I think that Lindsey Whalen is the best basketball player that the women's college game has ever seen. She recently got her highest game points vs. Perdue. She could have achieved this goal earlier in the game if she hadn't passed a lot to her teammates. She showed excellent teamwork in this, and many other games. I know the Lady Gophers aren't the best team in the league, but they sure worked the hardest to get to where they are. Last season they were 7-20, and this year they are 20-7. This is due to their great coach and wonderful sportsmanship. So kudos to you, Lady Gophers and esp. Lindsey Whalen!!
Ashley Reed

Knows Her Game
I feel that the best player right now is # 3, Diana Taurasi from the UCONN Huskies! She is a true team player and she knows her game. I finally got to meet her this year and she is so nice. She helps the Huskies out so much and shes only a Sophmore. GO DIANA T!
Billie Jo, Beekmantown N.Y.

Student Teacher + Player
I think Elizabeth Pietila from Michigan Technological University is the best. She's a greal role model, on and off the court. Her basketball skills are awesome and she leads her team well. She may not have broken records, but she's a real team player. Elizabeth student teaches at Jeffers High School, where her fiance coaches High School basketball. She's a real inspiration for the players.
Katie Keranen

Gives 100 percent
I think #00 Michelle Snow, of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers is the best player because she dunks the basketball whenever she has a break away, she never gives up whenever she has an off day, she gives 100% every time she's out there. That's who I believe is the best player in college basketball.
Kari, Flint, Michigan

Tulane's Nadeau
My favorite women's college basketball player is Kelly Nadeau. She is from New Hampshire and probably the best basketball player from NH ... well at least until I'm older. She goes to Tulane, in New Orleans, Louisiana, on a full scholarship. She is my idol. She is the starting point guard and has a good chance of making it to the NCAA tourney. She has so many good qualities like she is loyal, nice, keeps her word, funny, I could go on and on! Anyways I would pick Kelly Nadeau-#12! (p.s. her mom is the assistant principle at my school, so you get it.)
-Emma Rallis #12

The Best One on One
The best college basketball player is Sue Bird from the University of Connecticut. No one in the country could beat her one on one. She is a team player who knows how to control the game and can shoot from anywhere on the floor. No one can deny that Sue Bird is the best player in the country.
Best Team
I have to say that there is no such thing as the best player in the world. But there is a such thing as the best team in the whole wide world. The team that I want to nominate may not have the best record or might not be the 5 time ncaa champions but, they are still #1 in the whole wide world in my book. I nominate the whole Radford University women's baskeball team. I The have never seen such a dedicated basketball team like them. They have one of the best gpa's in the nation but, outside of school, they are the most hardest working basketball team. They are so dedicated with their work and you will not find the relationship and the communication that this team has with both players and coaches. The coaches at Radford should feel lucky that they have such a wonderful program.
Jessica, Radford, Va.

Super Sophomore
I think Kelly Mazzante of the Penn State Lady Lions is the nation's best player this year. She has broken scoring records including 3-pointers in a game. She has scored 1000 plus points in less than 2 seasons with the Lady Lions. She leads the nation in points per game. She is the fastest player in Big-Ten history to reach 1000 points. Opposing teams change their defense to defend her because of her scoring threat. Kelly is considered as a Naismith Award Finalist as well as a 2001-2002 candidate for the Verizon Academic All-America Team. She also is listed as 1st in steals for the Lady Lions and 3rd on the Lady Lions team in assists and rebounds. She gets my vote!!
Hannah Miller, Lancaster, Pa.

A Team Player
i feel the best player is Nicole Ohlde of Kansas State. she is a team player and is very affective down deep but she can also pull up for the jump shot.

A Great Gaucho
i think the greatest woman basketball player on the court this year is Kayte Christensen of the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos!!!
Kayte Christensen is the best!!!
giuliana garcia, Santa barbara, Calif.

Another Vote for Maz
I think that Kelly Mazzante of the Penn State Lady Lions is the best player right now because she has beaten 3 records in her sophmore season. She has the title of the fastest college player in the Big 10 to reach 1,000 points.It has taken her 43 games to reach the milestone. Another record is points in a single season--she has just passed the 682 mark on Saturday February 16, 2002 with 683 points. She also leads the nation in scoring. Her final record is set for most 3-pointers in a single season hitting her 71st on Saturday as well. This is why I think she is the best player.

Previous Question:
What is your #1 goal for the upcoming basketball season?

Look Out Arkansas Tech!
My #1 goal for the upcoming season is to train harder than anyone out there, so that I will make the walk-on try-outs in October at ATU. In high school, I always had that fight and determination, but I was stuck with a 99lb frame and a 5'3" height. Now, 2 years since then, I have grown 3 inches and gained about 15 lbs of muscle. I always wanted to play in college, but had to settle for running cross country instead. Now, I think I have a chance of fulfilling my dream and finally do what I love best. I've always believed that if you want something bad can get it. Wish me luck everyone.

Mental and Physical As a freshman on the frosh/soph team my goals are to become a better player physically and mentally. Mentally because I sometimes still have thoughts of losing the game (even though we have lost only 1 game so far) and because I take trash talk hard sometimes ... also I get scared when people are watching me play. Physically, I need to become faster, dribble better and rebound--I need to jump for rebounds. I am like the tallest on the team.

My goal this season is to help my team whenever i'm needed, whether it's w/ defense, offense, or just cheering my teammates on. Another goal is to become a better inside and outside player

The Best Forward They've Seen
Last year I tried out for the basketball team and I did not make it. This year my goal is to work on dribbling and rebounding so I came be the best forward that team have ever seen. My only problem is that I lack self -- confidence and I am scared to mess up.

A Leader
My goal this 2001-2002 season is to become a leader, even though I am a freshman. I also want to help the JV team maintain a good record, learn new things, and become inspired by the play of the upper classman. One thing I would also like to achieve is when it comes time to make big plays and become and offensive/defensive threat I will be able to step up and take on the task. That's one part of becoming a leader. I also want to work on taking better shots, having body control, and keeping my composure out on the court. I don't want people to take away from this season remembering me as the "star" of the JV team, but I want to be remembered as a young lady who played to win, got her teammates involved in the game, and kept a positive attitude even when we didn't come out with the win, but most of all, being a leader and an excellent role model to girls younger than myself who would like to achieve similar goals. And having fans look forward to another exciting and fun 2002-2003 season. Overall, I want to keep the 'passion of fire' lit.
Ki Barrett #20
Paulding Co. High School Patriots
Dallas, Georgia

Make the Team To Go All The Way
My goal this year is to help take my team to the playoffs. This year the lady Spartans are going all the way ! I would really like to be looked at this year by some scouts. Basketball is air to my lungs--life itself. I am a junior in high school and nobody's going to stop me.
Donna Jager

Score 100
My #1 goal this season is to play to my best ability and to break 100 points before this season is over. We only play 9 games this season and I think it'll make me play harder and work harder to earn my points!
Ninna Fitzgerald
Tourney First
My number one goal for the season was to win at least one traveling team tournament. We are all 8th graders now and we had never won 1st place in a traveling team tournament. We had made it to the championships a couple times in 6th and 7th grade, but never could beat the other team which was almost always an "A" team. Well, this year we are determined to win a tournament.

Yesterday, we played and made it to the Championship! It was only the 3rd tournament of the season, so we weren't counting on getting any special place. But we were in the championship and we were PUMPED UP! Boy, it was a close game, but in the end we beat the team and walked away with 1ST PLACE! That was the happiest day of my life. I guess this doesn't really fit the catergory for the chat; it's more like, "the highest point of my season" so far...

But we plan on this being the beginning of many more VICTORIES! On my record for that game, I scored 21 points, half of my team's score. I don't really care about my point average because our whole team deserved what we got. We had never won a tournament ever and it boosted our egos as high as the heavens. Thank you for listening, and I still have the goal to win more tournaments. GO WILDCATS! *Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom. #13

I Can Do It
I have a couple of goals for next season, they might sound dumb, but I know I can do it. My first goal is to become a starter. I was my coaches fav player last season but it was my first year so I wasn't played as much as the other point guard. But we were equal in skill and talent. So over the winter and spring and summer while she's playing volleyball and soccer I plan to work harder and be better than her. Another goal is for my team to respect me. I don't get along with them really. They don't like me , because I don't play ball with them. I'd choose the boys over them, because the boys can play and know how to play.
Skye #32
Sun., Ontario, Canada

To Make Varsity
My #1 goal for this season is to make varsity. Tryouts are half over and I'm doing pretty good. I'm not sure if I'll make it but I've tried my absolute hardest and I plan to keep trying. Just now i was talking to my friend and he gave me a quote...the greatest pride isn't in never falling but always getting back up...that made me think...i didnt do as good as some of the other girls but I won't give up. I didn't practice every spare second i had all year to give up or let someone else have my place on varsity!!
Laurie Haviland
West Brookfield, Mass.

From Sixth to Starter
My goal this season is to start varsity. i just transfered schools and i am playing sixth man. I want to start as the 2 guard because i was going to at my old school. the team that i'm on now is SO MUCH BETTER than my old team and i want to help them win and become close to the girls on my team.
Amanda #30
Forest City, Pa.

Keeping the 'Bound
Many different coaches emphasize being able to be a good rebounder. If the team you are playing against out-rebounds your team in the middle of the game, you should consider it already lost. If you are going to be lazy and not rebound it, it is no use to play the game. I am already a good rebounder, but when i get the ball i get it stolen from me. So i am going to work on rebounding and KEEPING the ball once i get it, until i have to pass it off to someone else.

Getting Others to Believe in Me
I have many goals for basketball, but the one that sticks out the most is not being overlooked. Last year i made freshman "A". i was a starter but i always got the feeling that everyone for some reason was getting more glory or getting looked at more then me. this year i made the soph. team and i'm a captain. i hope now after all the hard work i put in the past year that i finally get at least one person who believes i'm good enough for it. Well there is my goal for this year (i hope it didn't sound stupid or greedy).
Suzy # 21
Bartlett, Ill.

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